Our Services

Metrocon avail the best designing and construction services at the most affordable charge. We are distinct in designing stable and economical structures without immolating architectural aesthetics and functionality. Our team have some of the best designing experts having in-depth knowledge of different techniques and their correct execution. We assure covering all the complexities of structural aspects and resolving it into a cost-efficient model. Metrocon makes sure the commitments made for time and quality.

Structure Designing

Structural designing is the method of investigating the safety and economical specifications of structures. Different methods are used to determine that a structure is built to withstand the applied loads and forces without failure during their usage. We supervise a structural analysis to discover what internal and external forces could affect the structure and then construct an appropriate structure to satisfy the requirements.

Architectural design

Architectural designing is a multiple-step process that refers to planning, designing & construction of a structure. It refers to the concept of master planning to building designs, and even fixtures and fittings.


Elevation is the most important step of construction as it represents the exterior appearance of the building. We work on elements and space to create a beautiful facade.


We gather information on the needs, style, and wants of the project & create some options for the client to review.

Interior designing

Interior designing is the pursuit of effective use of space making it a pleasing environment. The main task is to work on structure, colour schemes, furnishings, and decorations to create a remarkable visual experience. We use modern techniques to enhance the interior of a building and also focus on conceptual development.


Evaluation is an assessment that helps in determining whether the project achieve its goals or what could be improved by using a specific criteria. We examine the program by using certain criteria governed by a set of standards.

Construction Law

It builds upon general legal principles including security of payment, planning, environmental and building regulations. We covers a wide range of legal issues such as contract, negligence, guarantees, liens and other security interests, construction claims and related consultancy contracts. It builds upon general legal principles including security of payment, planning, environmental and building regulations.