About Us

Metrocon designing and constructions is a name committed to providing quality work in all types of designs and constructions work in India. Our designs are based on Vaastu with cost-effective techniques, keeping in mind what the client needs. Our focus is to meet customer needs most affordably. Team Metrocon is focused on designing a customised plan to suit your requirement, budget, lifestyle and design preferences. The futuristic design is what we focus on.

Our Mission

To design and deliver the best suitable work as per customer requirements to create a quality name in the industry. Using advance expertise we develop a solid plan for your project and make the best out of it. As this industry is getting volatile day by day, we ensure to make the customer service experience pleasant and hassle-free.

Our Vision

Every organisation needs a vision which they work upon to see themselves at the right place in future. Metrocon has a high vision of becoming a respectable name in the construction community. Moreover, we aim to meet every customer’s standard and provide them with the best customer service satisfaction.