About Us

Metrocon designing and constructions is a name committed to providing quality work in all types of designs and constructions work in India. Our designs are based on Vaastu with cost-effective techniques, keeping in mind what the client needs. Our focus is to meet customer needs most affordably. Team Metrocon is focused on designing a customised plan to suit your requirement, budget, lifestyle and design preferences. The futuristic design is what we focus on.

Featured Services

House Design Package

We offer a complete set of custom homes & new build design packages.

3D Floor plan

A virtual model of a building floor plan and an essential component of real estate.

Renovation assistance

We provide assistance for both remodeling & repairing of a property according to the clients need.

Vastu consultancy

We avail effective ways to build your property using vastu shastra for relevant solutions.

Scheduling site visit

We do have in-person on-site consultations as per customer requirements.

Our Work